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Hygienic Cleaning
  • Automated water tank cleaning enables to save time and money.
  • If you’re cleaning your tanks manually or by using the fill-and-drain method, you might
    be surprised at how much you can save by automating.
  • Automated tank cleaning is best suited for apartment complexes and companies or
    buildings installed with large water tanks.
  • Besides, there is no need for you to get down into the water tank to clean it.

Automated water tank cleaning contains total 6 stages of cleaning without using chemicals they are:

  • Stage 1 – Mechanized dewatering:
    In this stage of tank, we use automatic machine for removing the water from
    drain and empty the water tank.
  • Stage 2 – Sludge Removal & Scrubbing:
    Special sludge pump is useful to remove dirty water and sludge from tank and
    scrubbing the water tank by advanced technology machinery to remove the dirt, fungus
    and hard stains from the concrete.
  • Stage 3 – high pressure water jet cleaning:
    This process involves further cleaning of the walls and ceilings in high pressure
    jet. The ceiling incidentally has a very high concentration of germs and bacteria due to
    the availability of oxygen and dampness.
  • Stage 4 – Vacuum cleaning:
    For making the tank totally free from dirt we generally uses a Vacuum Cleaner.
  • Stage 5 – Anti-Bacterial spray:
    With the help of our specially developed anti-bacterial agents we do clean the
    ceilings and inside walls.
  • Stage 6 – UV Radiation treatment:
    UV Radiator is used to kill any suspended or floating bacteria remaining in the
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