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Manual Cleaning
  • This method is the traditional method of cleaning the water tank where a laborer would
    get into the tank and scrub the walls.
  • This method is time consuming and needs more effort to clean the water tank.
  • In this method, first the tank is emptied either by using a pump or open outlet.
  • Then the laborer or person who cleans the water tank gets into the
    tank and cleans the internal wall using detergent and water.
  • Then all internal surfaces are washed with plain water to remove all traces of detergent.
  • After cleaning, disinfect the water tank with HTH chlorine. Let the chlorine stand in the
    tank for 12 to 24 hours to ensure that the tank is fully disinfected.
  • Completely empty the tank and carefully dispose off the disinfecting water as it will
    contain a high concentration of chlorine.
  • Refill the tank with clean water and allow water to stand for 30 minutes. Test the
    residual chlorine left in the tank using a comparator.
  • If the residual chlorine concentration is 0.5mg/l or less, the tank is safe to use for water
  • If the concentration is greater, again empty the tank and refill with clean water. Re-test
    to check if that the chlorine concentration is 0.5mg/l or less.
  • In this method, cleaning of water tank involves three important steps: First, clean the
    tank, second, chlorinate the tank and third, check the chlorine concentration.
  • But this method is very difficult and time consuming where the size of the water tank is
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