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Health begins from water.We are not aware of the fact that more than 70% of diseases that we suffer are water borne diseases.Water comes from various sources and it needs to be cleaned in order to make it potable.Water tanks get contaminated with dead rats, lizards, birds, insects etc.Numerous types of bacteria, virus and fungus might be present in water.Overhead tanks and sumps are highly risky areas as bacteria, virus and fungus proliferate in stagnant and contaminated water.Water tanks if not cleaned timely the silt deposits, rust, bacteria can be the reason of serious illness.Water tank cleaning and disinfectionmust be done timely to remove mud, sediments, resident slime and harmful bacteria.

HYGIENIC HOME is a certified water tank cleaning company.
• We have expert key staffs which provide water tank cleaning services.
• Our technicians take proper safety precautions that are needed for working.
• We clean and disinfect the tanks removing all the staining inside tanks.
• Once cleaned, waste water is discharged following the guidelines of local municipality system.
• We use eco-friendly methods of cleaning.
• High pressure water jetting technology is used instead of chemicals in order to remove the deposits and debris from the internal surface of pipelines.
• With several years of experience in water tank cleaning we provide a complete solution for cleaning and disinfecting your water tanks.
• Just leave your worries to Clean with Hygienic Home and stay healthy.


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Hygienic Home, Do.No : 31-14-1211, Arandalpet 14, 3rd Line, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh 522002

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